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Youth Group Holidays | Luxury Holidays & Adventure Travel in Asia | Himalayan Footsteps®

Youth Group Holidays

play a role for young people to learn new skills, so, take an expedition of discovery in The Himalayas & Asia to really see something new.

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Himalayan Footsteps® is a popular youth group adventure travel specialist for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made trips to educational spots in many destinations. You can join in with our friendly trained team to discover your youth group holidays today!

Young people from schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups like Scouts and Church Youth Groups can gain knowledge and confidence trying new things while doing outdoor activities on our youth group holidays. Our team members are experienced to contribute learning activities, charity work, and developmental support.

Students learn to work in a team under a leader: This is the best way for them to practice teamwork activities and follow the instructions of a leader. They can learn about personal responsibility, safety and become more aware of the risk. They will be given great support to start a new career in the future.

Develop important life skills: School holidays are important to develop life skills of students. They learn to live with discipline, communicate with unknown people, and earn knowledge about different cultures.

Increase confidence levels and self-esteem: Students can develop a fresh way of thinking and problem-solving. They build up their confidence levels to move forward in the future and get an idea about their own self-esteem.

A life time memorable holiday: Youth group holidays are a great chance to create something special and memorable with activities that you will remember for a lifetime!


Do you know? We only create tailor-made South Asia holidays along with trekking & climbing the Himalayas, and this we understand isn't necessarily the best choice for everyone's holiday. Still, if you feel we are the best option for you we're ready to help with your travel plans.