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The Yak Attack Mountain Bike Stage - Himalayan Footsteps

The highest mountain bike race on Earth

The Yak Attack, which started out years ago as a low key stage race with just a handful of competitors, has today grown into a worldwide brand associated with some of the most adventurous and arduous mountain bike stage races on the planet.

The original Yak Attack, Nepal, is now internationally recognised as the highest mountain bike race on Earth and cited by many authorities as being in the top 10 toughest mountain bike stage races on the international calendar.  To complement the original high altitude race, The Yak Attack has recently created two more races to bring together the Yak Attack World Challenge Series.

Don’t fancy a race?

If you want the Yak Attack experience without the pressure of being in a race, Himalayan Footsteps offers tailor made holidays with the best local mountain bikers, just drop us a line. Alternatively, if you just want to see the incredible scenery, why not book a trip to Tibet with us?

Nepal mountain bike – Yak Attack – The highest mountain bike race on planet Earth from TheYakAttack on Vimeo.

World Challenge Series

Rumble in the Jungle takes place in the hot and humid jungles on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, whilst Alpac Attack takes riders through the wilds of Patagonia, with all three races being the ultimate test of mettle for the world’s most adventurous mountain bikers.