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World Records on Mount Everest - Himalayan Footsteps

Three ambitious Sherpa brothers are aiming to break two different world records:

30 year old Pemba Dorjee Sherpa wants to climb two mountains of more than 8,000 metres within 24 hours. On 1. April he will set off from Kathmandu to conquer Mount Everest first and Mount Lhotse second. Both mountains are connected by the South Col, a pass on the southeast ridge of Everest where usually the final camp before the peak is set up. Pemba already holds a world record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest, which took him only 8 hours 10 minutes in 2004, and climbed the world’s highest peak 10 times already.

Pemba’s younger brothers Mingma Gyalzen (26) and Phurba Tenzing (21) are aiming for a different challenge: They want to set a world record for the longest stay atop Mount Everest without artificial oxygen and want to make this full 24 hours.