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Welcome to Sanu Gurung - Himalayan Footsteps

Sanu is the latest recruit to Himalayan Footsteps and the Himalayan Footsteps team. A young Nepali student passionate about tourism, her country, and all the good things tourism can do for Nepal.

Sanu is currently studying for a bachelors degree in Travel & Tourism Studies at Kathmandu Academy of Tourism & Hospitatlity. Her part time work with us compliments her studies and gives a great opportunity for work experience. She works closely with our senior guides and UK team to learn about the business with a view to taking a more senior role when she graduates.

Personally speaking I am excited about the energy and ideas Sanu brings to my company, in my meetings with her she shows competence and a keen mind.

Listening to the views of young Nepalis, like Sanu, about where they think the direction of tourism should go is key to innovation and responsible tourism.

Welcome to the team!