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Pride and Anne Robinson - Himalayan Footsteps

As the guy in charge at Himalayan Footsteps I swelled with pride last night during my weekly viewing of the excellent BBC Watchdog, a programme hosted by the forbidding Anne Robinson acting as the nation’s loudspeaker for consumer complaints.

Generally it’s a programme I just watch to see the Rogue Trader get busted by the bikers in black, hilarious! But last night I had to put down my G&T to listen to the unfavourable report on a fellow tour operator, I felt sad for the paying customers who didn’t get what they paid for but I also felt proud that none of our customers have the same complaints because we take every possible measure to stick to our promises;

  • We promise not to alter your accommodation at the last minute and if need be only move you to a hotel of the same standard or better.
  • We promise not to book you flights on an overbooked plane which may mean you have to miss your flight.
  • We promise only to use and recommend airlines with the most up to date planes and entertainment system for your comfort during the long haul flight.
  • We promise that the airport transfers you have arranged with us in the UK and abroad will always turn up and be on time.
  • We promise that the accommodation we book for you is handpicked and audited for hygiene and safety.

For me and all of us at Himalayan Footsteps it’s elementary that all these basic points are right every time for all of our customers, we’re your sure-footed travel companion in the world’s most thrilling terrain.

Olly Margry
Managing Director.