Volunteering Holidays

are a great opportunity for people who are interested in doing significant work in The Himalayas & Asia during their holidays or career breaks.

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Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable travel company for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made volunteer placements and experiences in many destinations. You can join in with our amazingly helpful team to discover your volunteering holidays today!

Volunteering holidays are a great opportunity available for people at college or university, families, and people on a career break as well. Volunteering on holiday helps develop new skills, knowledge, and experience about a new place, among new people in a different culture. Some of the benefits of our volunteering holidays are given below:

Gain skills, knowledge and practical experience: Volunteering holidays are an amazing opportunity to make it easier for you to choose an accurate, experience-based career.

A great social work: Helping others is gratifying social work. People can spend some time helping others as a volunteer during their holidays, focussing their capabilities and also their willingness to work.

Meet with new people and their culture: On a volunteer holiday, a person can work with other volunteers like a family member and team member. This is the best time to use the opportunity to meet organisations and community people. As a member, you can always get valuable insight into their culture.

A lifetime memory: A volunteering holiday is always a special moment for everyone because people get the freedom to choose the activity, earn great work experience, and make new friends from the volunteering work. It is a phenomenal choice to create something special for a bright future!

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