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Trekking & Luxury Walking Holidays in Nepal, Himalayas & Asia | Himalayan Footsteps®

Trekking holidays

Walk into nature, experience close-up natural beauty, serenity, and great physical and mental relaxation.

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Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable walking, trekking and mountaineering specialist for Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. We offer a wide range of luxury walking holidays that will take you along fabulous routes and mountain trails. Our experienced team would love to talk with you and discover the right holiday for you.

Trekking and luxury walking holidays can be for just yourself, with a friend, the whole family, or a group. Our philosophy is all about sustainable trekking whether you’re on a tented trek, lodge-based trek, or an expedition to summit a peak. Trekking holidays give very fast and noticeable results:

Improve the physical and mental condition: Trekking holiday increase the fitness level amazingly. Walking is always beneficial as a physical exercise. You can get surprising results when you feel relaxed and refreshed after trekking. Trekking holidays help to decrease anxiety and depression.

Helpful for children’s growth: A trekking holiday is supportive of a child’s growth. Moreover, this holiday builds up friendship and faith with children and family members.

Family, friends, or a group: A super trekking holiday means a group holiday! A group trekking holiday can give you a visible magical improvement of your body and mind and your lifestyle.

Do you know? We only create tailor-made South Asia holidays along with trekking & climbing the Himalayas, and this we understand isn't necessarily the best choice for everyone's holiday. Still, if you feel we are the best option for you we're ready to help with your travel plans.