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Times Education Supplement: Educational Travel - Lessons in Life! - Himalayan Footsteps

In February’s Times Education Supplement Olly talks about how travelling and engaging in practical experiences benefits students for their studies as well as for finding suitable employment after graduating. A higher education trip organized by Himalayan Footsteps recently showed how the students during the expedition learned to be self-reliant, take responsibility and develop interpersonal skills. The trip also taught them knowledge-sharing, teamwork and acquiring and integrating new skills.

Another possibility to boost those skills is volunteering, for example in Village Homestays or orphanages in Nepal, as part of a gap year or a summer trip. Most educational courses rely too much on theory, even those supposedly based on practical application. So learning practical “life skills” is very important for the students. Volunteering combined with travel provides an ideal platform to do so. Olly says: “There is no better classroom or lecture theatre than life itself.”

At Himalayan Footsteps we organize any kind of educational travel or volunteering to the Himalayas: Travel to India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan, volunteering with children, in village homestays, teaching English, ecology projects – whatever you are looking for, contact us for advice and to arrange your trip!