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The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book - Himalayan Footsteps

By Dan Toombs aka The Curry Guy about The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book
Author: Pemba Lama
Published by: Grierson Publications ISBN 978-0-9571541-0-0

Pemba Lama’s Nepalese Cook Book

What a fun and exciting new book! Pemba’s fantastic debut is truly a feast for the senses.

Nestled between India and China, Nepal has a cuisine that is all its own. Pemba explains, however how Nepalese food has been greatly influenced by it’s landlocked location and the introduction of new ingredients such as Oriental sauces, tropical coconuts, Indian spices and seafood.

Many of the ingredients you will be using were introduced to Nepal by the Brigade of Gurkhas. Pemba is a retired Gurkha soldier and chef and explains with passion how food plays such an important role in Gurkha life.

From there he gives you information about some of the important spices you will need to create your Nepalese dishes and then demonstrates how to make some of the ingredients that are so important in Gurkha and Nepalese cookery.

Pemba’s Gurkha curry sauce recipe was interesting to me having cooked a lot of British Indian Restaurant (BIR) style curries which use a similar curry sauce. Just like in busy Indian restaurants, the Gurkha curry sauce will have made it easier for him to serve great tasting food to a lot of hungry Gurkhas – fast.

I made a large batch and can confirm that it was outstanding.

Over the past few weeks, I have cooked almost every recipe in the book. Let’s just say the book no longer looks new!

Stand out dishes include the Sabji Momos which are little steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables and aromatics, Gurkha Omelette Curry which is a simple vegetable omelette served with Gurkha curry sauce, Fried Noodles With Shredded Pork and a Sweet and Sour Pork which you simply have to try.

You prawn lovers out there have to try Pemba’s prawn curry that is easy enough for a mid-week family dinner yet delicious and beautiful enough to be served at the most elegant of dinner parties.

The book is well laid out making it easy to find what you are looking for. From meat to fish curries to chutneys, breads and desserts, you will find it all and be glad you did.

Pemba’s desserts are amazing too, but wait… there’s more!

Special mention needs to be made about the pudding section which was written by Pemba’s co-author Nicci Gurr. Nicci is a traditional British chef who’s Nepalese inspired puddings are out of this world.

Give her momo pot stickers with chocolate and chili a go. Talk about amazing!

Then there is the recipe for milk balls with salty tea pistachio. I think I’ve made this one about five times now and will be making it again many more times.

All of this in a book that is so nicely brought together with vibrant photography that makes you want to try each and every dish.

If you are anything like me, you’ll be doing just that.

The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book is an easy book to follow and use. It is just as good for the novice cook wanting to try new flavours as it is for the professional chef looking for inspiration. I highly recommend this book to all fans of great food.

For every copy of The Ultimate Nepalese Cook Book sold, a donation will be made to the Gurkha Welfare Trust.