Do you know someone who would love the Himalayas?

If you do, tell them about us; how we can tailor their trip and include anything they’re interested in. How friendly and knowledgeable we are about the Himalayas and how we’re able to arrange things that others can’t. Like the village stays, volunteering to suit you and even a motorcycle holiday!

We’re also offering a little gift. Book with us before 30th May 2015 and they’ll receive a free add-on. Come to think of it, you will too.

Contact us to find out more, or look at the holidays available.

Our purpose is to improve lives of generations to come in the countries we serve. By taking less, we can do more.  A share of our profit from every holiday funds good works in Nepal - we've saved lives with medical care, renovated schools, purchased land and by way of more holidays we aspire to solve the long-term issues.