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Super Inocculations - Himalayan Footsteps

This week I would like to report on a new and rather surreal experience that I had. It all started when I looked at my diary and the months of preparing I thought I had for going to Nepal had suddenly slipped into two weeks to go…hahaha…it happened again!

I got a couple  of  inoculations  last month at my doctor’s but not all the ones required (as I had some out of date) but I was confident I would have  time to book for the other jabs. Well, let it be a huge warning, all travel clinics were booked up for the next 3 weeks (just my luck)…PANIC…so I had a little flap at some doctors who seemed to hum and haw a little at my predicament then they said, “go to Superdrug, they will have these inoculations”….so off I went and sure enough amongst the lipstick and washing powder was a lovely nurse ready to make my arm feel like a younger brother or best mate at school has given you a dead arm.. quite an odd place to find a travel clinic?

She was kind and efficient, it was painless and I managed to get some shopping in for on my trip too. I think this new generation of high street private clinics is a winner bringing better health access to the people.

Please don’t do as I have done GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME to get organised.