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Put Your Old Sunnies to Good Use! - Himalayan Footsteps

Our newest project has begun: Sunglasses for Porters. Do you have some old sunglasses you never wear? And you wanted to buy new ones for ages, but don’t want to waste the old ones? Well, here’s something: You don’t have to bin them! Give them to a good new use: Give them to Himalayan Porters!

Many people dream of experiencing the majestic mountains of the Himalaya and go on a journey to the roof of the world. They could never accomplish those travels without the people in the background: Porters. Carrying everything the trekkers need, they make dreams come true. Often, however, they lack even basic equipment. You can help by donating old, unwanted sunglasses to protect them from snow blindness. This will help the porters carry on: it will not only save their eyesight, but also ensure they are able to keep on working to provide the vital income for their families and help them make dreams come true.

You don’t want to travel all that far just to get rid of your sunnies? Even though we can thoroughly recommend a trip to the Himalayas we do understand this. So we are providing baskets at our partners’ where you can just drop them and we will deliver them to the porters for you! From today on you can find our baskets at:

  • Specsavers, 302 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4QH
  • Cunning RC, 114 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh EH10 4ES
  • Cunning RC, 60 John Street, Penicuik EH26 8NE: will not have a basket, but take donations and give them to their Bruntsfield branch, where we pick them up!
  • Blues The Ski Shop, 123 Rose Street, Edinburgh EH2 3DT
  • Of course you are also welcome to donate sunglasses at our office: Himalayan Footsteps, Building H1, Midlothian Innovation Centre, Edinburgh EH25 9RE

For more information and updates about the project please drop us an email!