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Stephen Lloyd MP, Letter of Support | Luxury Holidays & Adventure Travel in Asia | Himalayan Footsteps®

Well wisher Stephen Lloyd, Member of Parliament in our hometown of Eastbourne, wrote to Himalayan Footsteps® Managing Director Oliver Margry to offer his support.

He says, “I wanted to write to wish you well on your trip to Nepal with the Scottish Explorer Scouts. I was interested to read how you have been helping the boys and girls to prepare for this trip of a lifetime and also that it is a first for you taking such a large and relatively young group to experience Nepalese life. No doubt there will be challenges and adventures to come – good luck! I will look forward to hearing further news of your progress.”

Himalayan Footsteps is very grateful for Stephen’s letter and thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to recognise the good work we do with our Youth Groups in Nepal which provide the best opportunity for young people to broaden horizons in a fun, safe, adventurous way, and give back to local people.

Stephen Lloyd MP letter of support