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Solar Plane on a First International Flight - Himalayan Footsteps

Friday 13. was a good day for the team at Solar Impulse: Their aircraft took off for its first international flight – solely powered by the sun! The plane started from Payerne Airfield in Switzerland and reached its destination Brussels in Belgium nearly 13 hours later.

The single seater has a wingspan of 200 feet and is covered with more than 12,000 solar panels. It can reach a speed of around 44 miles per hour, therefore not yet making it an immediate competition to commercial airlines. The founders of Solar Impulse have planned a Trans Atlantic flight for later this year and a round the world flight for 2013.

See a video of the flight here. At Himalayan Footsteps we think this is a very exciting day, and we hope that one day carbon free long haul travel will be possible and become the standard mode of travel!