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Snack Right On Your Trek - Himalayan Footsteps

Always have the energy to keep going

While trekking you are on your feet and walking for many hours a day, often far from tea houses or shops. To make sure you always have the energy to keep going, you should pack some snacks for on the way.

Make sure, they are high in energy, but at the same time light weight and don’t take up much space – otherwise you will use more energy carrying them for several days than you will gain from them! Here’s a list of the best snacks for on the trek:

Dried fruit: Dry fruits are a great source of energy and rich in sugar, but also light weight, compact and non-perishable. They are a great thing to pack on trek and will keep you going for a long time.

Mixed nuts: A good source of energy and fat, but also heavier than dried fruits. Pack some, but not too much.

Muesli bars and biscuits: A fantastic source of energy, Muesli bars contain your favoured mix of cereals, fruits, chocolate. Biscuits are not quite as nutritious, but still a great snack for on the way.

Chocolates: At some point the craving for your favourite chocolate will overcome you, so don’t forget to pack some. You can also buy them in shops on the way, but the higher up and remoter the region, the more expensive they are. Chocolate provides you with sugar and fat, the energy is not as long lasting as from fruit and nuts though. Careful in hot conditions, where chocolate will quickly melt away.

Cheese: For those liking it savoury, cheese is a good trekking snack. It releases energy slowly and keeps you going for a long while. In warm conditions it is easily perishable, but in Nepal you can buy yak cheese in many places on the way.

Dried meat: Where meat is often not available or very expensive, dried meat is a good way to satisfy your craving for meat and provide you with energy and protein.

Sweets: Pure sugar, these sweets give you some energy and help against dry mouths or sore throats on the way.

Less suitable snacks: Fizzy drinks (heavy, go flat quickly, don’t give much energy), crisps (take up too much space), fresh fruit and any kind of moist bakery products (easily perishable, comparably heavy)

When carrying snacks in plastic wrappings always make sure to dispose of them properly – which can mean taking them back to the starting point of your trek!

No matter what snacks you carry, the main meals are the most important thing! Make sure to have a good, nutritious breakfast to start  you into the day. Lunch should be light, the main meal of the day is dinner, which is well-deserved after a long day on trek.