Educational Travel to the Himalaya

We are passionate about the positive effects that travel has on young people.

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We specialise in educational  travel; School groups, scouts, guides, the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and any youth group interested in having an experience of life time.

The Himalayas and young people

A trip to the Himalayas will expose a young individual to a life changing and life enhancing experience.

  • The over-whelming and dramatic beauty of nature.
  • Local people who live in a vastly different way, perhaps in 3rd world conditions who are kind and welcoming.
  • A climate that will encourage them to be only concerned about comfort.
  • New and exciting food and flavours.
  • A culture of spirituality, hard work and rich history.

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‘There are no foreign lands.  It is the traveller only who is foreign.’

― Robert Louis Stevenson

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