Kila Raipur sports festival

Every year on the first weekend in February, the small town of Kila Raipur in PunjabIndia is turned upside down for three days with the annual Kila Raipur Sports Festival – popularly known as the Rural Olympics.


The festival has existed for over six decades, and meanwhile is drawing competitors from around the globe. The festival sees more than 4,000 participants and is watched by around 1 million spectators each year.

In 1933 Kila Raipur Sports Festival was founded as a recreational meet for regional farmers, to come together and test their endurance in the games.

Rural Olympics in India in post image

One of India’s quirkiest festivals

Competitions are held for major Punjabi sports, like cart racing and tug of war but it does get stranger. The main draw for most tourists are the chance to see these events:

  • Feats of Strength, people lifting bicycles or pulling cars with their teeth.
  • Kabaddi
  • Bullock Cart Race
  • Gidha, Bhangra & Folk Dances
  • Loading, Offloading of trolley of paddy

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