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Ross Donald Recommends Himalayan Footsteps

Ross Donald, primary school teacher and Scout leader.

Fairmilehead Scout Group (114th Braid District)

Helped with logistics

You’ll have heard a lot of noise, or see a lot of pictures, from our expedition to Nepal. We were fortunate enough to be supported by a great wee travel company called Himalayan Footsteps. They helped with our in-country logistics and looked after us on our trek, amongst other things.

Your trip is tailored to you

If you are interested in travelling to Nepal (or indeed India, Bhutan or Tibet) I highly recommend you get in touch with them – the company is run by Olly Margry and Isha Margry (who first met in Nepal before marrying). They will go out of their way to ensure your trip is tailored to you.

They can also help support other scout groups, youth groups or school groups who are interested in volunteering in Nepal too.

I highly recommend them!