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Rhino Population on the Rise! - Himalayan Footsteps

The Rhino Census is over and the results are good news: Since the last census in 2008 the population increased by 99 individuals to a total of 534 rhinos in Nepal. This is nearly 25% of the global population! Most of the rhinos can be found in Chitwan National Park with 503 individuals living there. We are very happy to hear about the rising numbers of wildlife in Nepal and hope the conservation efforts will show more success in future!

This census also indicates how ecotourism can help wildlife. Chitwan National Park is a very popular destination for travellers in Nepal. It offers different kinds of safari, like on elephant back, in a canoe and walking, to spot the park’s wildlife. In the park you can find the 503 Indian one-horned rhinos, plenty of other species like leopards, sloth bears, crocodiles, deer and the extremely rare Bengal tiger! The revenues generated from tourism in the park help fund conservation and habitat protection.

If you are thinking about going on safari – why not let your next holiday take you to Nepal! Contact us for more information about travel in Nepal and the best possibilities for wildlife watching!

Source: WWF.