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Review of Aman Adhikari’s Nepali Documentaries - Himalayan Footsteps

I was very excited to attend yesterday the debut showing of documentaries made by Aman Adhikari, a young man from Nepal, living in Edinburgh and studying to be a film maker.

One by one we gathered outside the Filmhouse on Edinburgh’s Lothian Road. I wasn’t expecting a big turn out for such a narrow topic of film but many people attended and the auditiorium in the presitgious Filmhouse was nearly full.

I have known Aman for over a year but am ashamed to say I never new about his filmaking, today was the big coming out party, he was nervous about his debut.

These documentaries are the fruits of a long struggle to realise his dreams, the scrimping, saving and discipline is remarkable to save enough money for his trip once a year home to Nepal.

This show had short documentaries themed around the people of Nepal. Aman’s first film was titled: “…and this is my story”.

Parvati Shrestha is deaf. She has faced many hardships because of her disibility but her optimism and hope are unwavering.

His second film is titled “A Day In The Life Of Joongey Dai”.
Thick, curly moustaches are not the only impressive thing about Uddaz Bhattari, it’s also his work ethics and honesty. A remarkable story of an ordinary Nepali.

Both films were excellent and the subject matter compelling. I look forward to many more to come.