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Returning Visitor | Holidays to The Himalayas & Asia | Himalayan Footsteps®

Returning Visitor Holidays

are trips to get deeper under the skin of The Himalayas & Asia, so, tailor-make your returning trip with all those things that made you happy!

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Himalayan Footsteps® is a family run travel company for The Himalayas & Asia that delivers tailor-made holidays for returning visitors in the favourite spots and the places calling to be explored in our destinations. You can rejoin with our friendly team to discover your new adventure today!

Now it is possible to relive everything again, an awesome sunset view, adventurous mountain activity, meeting new people, experiencing their colourful culture, and those delicious sweet & spicy foods to name but a few sweet memories! You can get suggestions to choose a perfect and suitable travel destination based on your previous experience, and our expert team is here to recommend brand new places too.


Do you know? We only create tailor-made South Asia holidays along with trekking & climbing the Himalayas, and this we understand isn't necessarily the best choice for everyone's holiday. Still, if you feel we are the best option for you we're ready to help with your travel plans.