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Return of the Yeti Hand - Himalayan Footsteps

What sounds like the title for a splatter film is actually happening in Nepal.

For a long time the pride and source of income for 1000-year old Pangboche Monastery in Nepal was a skull and skeletal hand, believed to be a yeti’s. For many years tourists came to see this weird artefact, providing a small income for the monastery. In the 1950s one finger from the hand was taken to Britain to get tested, but the results were inconclusive. In the 1990s the artefacts were stolen from the monastery, leaving them without their main source of income.

Mike Allsop, Everest climber and adventurer, now wants to bring a very special gift to the monastery: A replica of the skeleton hand, made by Weta Workshop, who were responsible for special effects in movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Mr Allsop hopes the replica items will help the monastery survive until he can track down the originals.

Most people will be sceptical about the existence of yetis, but to the monks they are real enough. Lama Gershe of Pangboche monastery insists his wife had been attacked by a yeti some years ago. Other people of the area will probably not reveal their beliefs in public, but in confidence they will admit they do have issues with yetis during monsoon season.