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Reducing Waste Seminar - Himalayan Footsteps

Recently we attended our first seminar run by the Green Business Network: How to reduce waste  in businesses. We learned many new things from the fantastic presentation: Did you know that, while in the Lothians most waste is composted or recycled, Edinburgh’s waste to 65% still ends up on landfill sites? Did you also know there is a Zero Waste plan for Scotland? As a green business of course we want to do our part to improving things, instead of waiting for them to improve before we join in! We came back from the seminar with plenty of great ideas.

The first step to reducing waste is avoiding waste! We have already been doing some steps into the right direction:

  • We do not use paper towels to dry our hands, but have got fabric towels that are washed and reused
  • We use paper that is printed on one side only as scrap paper
  • Our website and emails are the main source of client information
  • We do not print documents to keep them on file unless absolutely necessary
  • Our internal memos and requests are emailed instead of printed

In the future we want to:

  • Cancel all subscriptions to catalogues of suppliers and instead check them online

In terms of disposing of waste we do currently recycle paper and cardboard. In the future we want to:

  • Set up a compost for food waste
  • Put up different bins for recycling in our office

What are you doing to reduce your waste? Do you have any suggestions how we could perform even better? We would love to hear your comments!