Trekking Holidays

Trekking is a form of walking. You can book trekking holidays for simply yourself, with a friend, a whole family, or a small group. There is a famous quote “Look into nature and you’ll find answers to every question in your mind”. If you love trekking, nature has always been the friend that gives you physical and mental relaxation.

Himalayan Footsteps delivers tailor-made, personalised adventure holidays to special countries around the world. Our team members are experienced, friendly and very helpful. You can enjoy our exclusive holidays and receive our outstanding service and offers. Our specialists are always your best companion to providing what we believe are the best countries in the world for trekking holidays.

Trekking holidays give very fast and noticeable results, such as; Improving the physical and mental condition: Trekking increases the fitness level amazingly. Walking is always beneficial as a physical exercise. You can get surprising results when you feel relaxed and refreshed after trekking. Trekking holidays help to decrease anxiety and depression. Helpful for children’s growth: A trekking holiday is supportive of a child’s growth. Moreover, this holiday builds up friendship and faith with children and family members. Family, friends, or a group: A super trekking holiday means a group holiday! A group trekking holiday can give you a visible magical improvement of your body and mind and your lifestyle.

The monastery was fantastic, really enjoyed the 2 days of guided Kathmandu, the mountain biking tour was unbelieveable.
03 November 2015 | Tammy Paltchikov | Sofia, Bulgaria
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