Single Travellers

If you choose a Himalayan Footsteps holiday for Single Travellers, that may mean you want freedom from others, you only have to be busy with just one person – yourself! It is a great time for adventure and to explore new, unseen things in your world. Himalayan Footsteps offers exceptional tailor-made holidays for Single Travellers, we can make these holidays distinguished and extraordinary for you.

The advantage of Single Travel holidays is that you can meet many new people easily and join their group. It is a good opportunity to interact and connect with local people and other travellers. You can make your own plan and take decisions quickly without any hassle. This type of holiday can reduce traveller stress.

You can feel safe with us as a single traveller because our expert and trained team members provide extra care and a special plan to make your holiday wonderful. Our company plans the holiday for Single Travellers with a great value, wholly safe, full of adventure, and a dream come true!

The monastery was fantastic, really enjoyed the 2 days of guided Kathmandu, the mountain biking tour was unbelieveable.
03 November 2015 | Tammy Paltchikov | Sofia, Bulgaria
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