School Expeditions

A School Expeditions holiday plays an important role for students and young people to learn new skills and build up their social, educational, and personal experiences. Young people can gain knowledge and get introduced to new things while doing outdoor activities and charity work.

The popular travel company Himalayan Footsteps offers tailor-made itineraries for young people of schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups like the Scouts, attractive and educational tourist spots where there are learning activities and developmental support. Our team members are professionally trained and experienced to take care of every student in an organised expedition holiday. This is a great opportunity for them to explore unknown things and the mysterious world!

Students learn to work in a team under a leader: This is the best way for them to practice teamwork activities and follow the instructions of a leader. They can learn about personal responsibility, safety and become more aware of the risk. They will be given great experiences to benefit a future career.

Develop important life skills: School holidays are an important time to develop life skills. On expedition young people learn to live with discipline, communicate with unknown people, and learn knowledge about different cultures.

Increase confidence level and self-esteem: Young people can develop a fresh way of thinking and problem solving. They build up their confidence level to move forward in the future and get an idea about their own self-respect.

A life time memorable holiday: Himalayan Footsteps School Expeditions are a great chance to create something special and memorable with activities that you will remember for a lifetime!

The monastery was fantastic, really enjoyed the 2 days of guided Kathmandu, the mountain biking tour was unbelieveable.
03 November 2015 | Tammy Paltchikov | Sofia, Bulgaria
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