Returning Visitors

If you are one of our returning visitors, let’s first visit the exclusive realm of memories from your last Himalayan Footsteps holiday. An awesome sunset view, an adventurous activity, meeting with new people and their colourful culture, and possibly can you still taste that delicious sweet and spicy food. A huge collection of brilliant memories!

Now it is possible to relive everything again with our selection of Returning Visitors holidays. Tailor-made luxury holidays and unique adventures to Southern Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and neighbouring countries. But this time you can get all of these memories better than before, since we are always improving, and of course, you are already familiar with our high standards of service.

There is a quote ‘Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive’. Himalayan Footsteps is ready for your booking, delivering more amazing trips to enchanting lands. We can personalise every Returning Visitors holiday and have exclusive discounts for our repeat guests who have already travelled with us. Here are some suggestions to help choose a perfect and suitable travel destination.

So, time is yours. Join us again.

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The monastery was fantastic, really enjoyed the 2 days of guided Kathmandu, the mountain biking tour was unbelieveable.
03 November 2015 | Tammy Paltchikov | Sofia, Bulgaria
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