Culture Holidays

“Culture opens the sense of beauty.” Culture holidays are the best way to learn and understand other cultures. Lifestyle, history, art, religion, architecture, an event, tradition or what people of other cultures wear, eat, or other elements can be included in a cultural holiday attraction.

Himalayan Footsteps is a travel company that delivers tailor-made personalised tours of fabulous tourist spots in many countries. You can book exclusive luxury culture holidays and tours through our professionals waiting with their friendly service, expertise, and experience.

There is a great opportunity to talk to people of different cultural backgrounds. A culture holiday is a great way to know about different cultures. By participating in people’s cultural programs, festivals, and being a part of their lifestyle, you can gain lots of knowledge about it. Helpful for research work: If you participate in a culture holiday tour you can learn practical information, experience, and an understanding of different cultures. These experiences can be very helpful for research work. Children learn to accept: Culture holidays are very effective for children with their family. They can earn knowledge and learn to be accepting when they meet with different cultured people.

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The monastery was fantastic, really enjoyed the 2 days of guided Kathmandu, the mountain biking tour was unbelieveable.
03 November 2015 | Tammy Paltchikov | Sofia, Bulgaria
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