Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The Indepenent Traveller Supplement

“Mountain meal: Himalayan Footsteps has a new foodie tour.”

Outdoors Travel Magazine

“The Beginner’s Guide to the Himalayas.”

The Guardian Weekend Travel Section
“Combine outdoor lessons, easy treks and cultural visits.”

morningside matters

“Scouts’ Nepal Expedition Changes Lives.”


“Firm hits the heights with adventure and trekking holidays.”

“Doctor High. How to avoid altitude sickness in the mountains.”

Seven days
“Unlocking Nepal’s Secrets.”

“How village home stays enhance young lives.”

Waitrose Weekend

“A fresh look at Asian food. Cookery courses in the Nepalese town of Pokhara.”

The Press and Journal

“Himalayan Footsteps recommends treks for beginners.”

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