Plug Adapters

Here’s a look at which plug you will need for your destination so you are never caught short unable to charge your devices like your phone, camera, tablet or laptop.

Many hotels we work with across India and Nepal are getting better at providing adapters in their rooms for British travellers and the trekking houses are stocking them too but we think it’s best that you take your own.

Top Tip

Our top tip for you, before you travel, is to connect your plug adapter to a 4 gang extension lead so you can charge up to four devices from one plug adapter, a great way to charge multiple items from one socket.


If you’re travelling to India you may well notice that they have their own unique plug socket in some areas of the country. The India plug sockets are designed for use with a three pin round plug, if travelling to India you need to purchase a specific plug adapter for India. It easy to use, simply plug your UK plug into it and then plug into an Indian wall socket.

India 3 Pin Round Socket

The India 3 Pin Round Socket

The electrical sockets in Nepal are one of two types: the most common being the European two pin plug and also in some places the Indian three pin plugs are also used.

European 2 Pin Socket

The European 2 Pin Socket

In Bhutan and Tibet there are three types of electrical sockets in use: a British socket and the two we have covered above, India and European sockets.

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