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Planting Trees with Trees4Scotland - Himalayan Footsteps

As an ethical tour operator we are trying to be as green as possible. As long haul flights to our destinations create great emissions we work together with Trees4Scotland, to offset all the flights sold with out holidays. Recently we went for a visit, to see how our trees are doing and to plant some new ones with our own hands.

Trees4Scotland is based in Perthshire, central Scotland, their current planting site is called Teaghlach Wood. They are dedicated to restoring Scotland back to its traditional woodland style with native species. The trees are not planted for timber, but will create a nice, lush mixed forest for people to enjoy.

Founded only 3 years ago Trees4Scotland have so far planted around 30,000 trees in Teaghlach Wood! Most of the site lies on steep slopes and all the trees have to be planted manually. Some of the trees are already standing 5 foot tall now! It is exciting to imagine this forest in around 20 years time, when it will be such a difference to the otherwise bare highlands of Scotland.

The trees will not only look pretty and bind carbon dioxide, but also prevent the soil from erosion and create a habitat for wildlife. To protect the you shoots from voles biodegradable protectors are wound around the trees, and taken off again when the trees grew strong enough. The planting sites are currently fenced in, so rabbits and deer can’t get in and damage the trees. Once the trees are big enough these fences will removed to let wildlife back in. Even now you can already see plenty of wildlife there: The area is breeding site for the rare Red Kites!

Carbon offset is easy and not expensive: You can get a tree from only £10! Planting one tree will already offset a domestic return flight. You can also calculate your carbon footprint here and see how many trees you need to plant to offset it. With Trees4Scotland you can also buy trees as a gift for someone or plant a tree with a plaque to commemorate someone or something.

Find more pictures of our outing in our flickr gallery and on facebook!