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Petition for a Tourism Minister - Himalayan Footsteps

Tourism is the fifth largest industry sector in Britain and the third largest export earner and creates more revenue than North Sea oil, and yet Governments have never taken the opportunity to create a Tourism Minister within the Cabinet. We know that Culture, Media and Sport are all important – but Tourism is seen as the job for a junior ministerial role. How big does it have to be in order to get the recognition it deserves?

Putting aside the huge employment opportunities provided by the outbound operators, the figures for our local tourism industry are massive – even on a global scale. Holidays in the UK contribute £86 billion to the economy including £19 billion of foreign income – and 1.4 million people are employed to service the industry.

We badly need a Minister whose role is to wave tourism’s flag ahead of the 2012 Olympics. We need a Government that increases our promotional spend ahead of the Olympics (rather than reducing it by 20% as has happened). More than that, we need a Minister who will sits alongside those representing other key sectors such as Energy and Agriculture. We need someone who will argue the case for our sector – seeing it as as an opportunity for economic growth rather than simply an opportunity to raise income from taxes. This is a huge opportunity for the next Government.”

We need your help! Please click on the link below and sign the Travel Weekly petition for a Tourism Minister.