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Open Evening: Botany in Nepal - Himalayan Footsteps

In October we have a very special Open Evening for you: We are inviting Dr Mark Watson from the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Dr Watson knows about the flora of Nepal like no-one else and will give you an introduction to the incredible diversity of plants in this Himalayan country, and what role they play in people’s lives. Whether you are a keen botanist or are looking into trekking in Nepal, don’t miss this event.

Although Nepal is a small country it boasts a huge diversity of plant species because of its enormous range of habitats. It is home to about 7,000 species of vascular plants, and forms an important biodiversity hot-spot. During our open evening you will hear astounding facts about the plants of Nepal, their uses in daily life and the connections people have with them.

There are several excellent options for holiday treks to botanically and scenically amazing places in Nepal. Dr Mark Watson knows where to go, and after a general introduction to flora in Nepal, you will hear about his trek experiences. There will be time to answer all your questions and for recommendations.

The varied terrain of the Himalayas boasts different botanical zones within short distances. The range of zones you can see on a single trek, for example in  the Langtang region, goes from evergreen warm-temperate mixed forests with laurels and Magnolias to the Alpine zones above the tree line. You will never get bored with the quick change of landscape and flora.

Our open evening will be on 25 October, from 7.30 until 9 pm at Himalayan Footsteps, 406 Morningside Road, Edinburgh. If you are interested in coming, please register here.