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OJM’s Carbon Offset Partnership - Himalayan Footsteps

OJM have partnered up with Carbon Offset Scotland (COS) to provide a genuine, local carbon offset service which takes the form of  woodland regeneration at Balmuick Farm, Perthshire, Scotland. Only 1.5 hours away from the OJM head office in Edinburgh.

We encourage our customers who offset to visit their trees being planted and see what a wonderful and sustainable project this is.

COS are considerate in their tree planting and recreate traditional woodland with trees native to the area and in turn encourage the regeneration of wildlife habitat.  They use local knowledge gained from generations of experience on the farm and expertise of tree planting partners to plant the right trees in the appropriate places.

All trees are planted in reserves and managed woodland where they will live their natural lifespan and meet their biodiversity targets.

How does planting trees offset carbon?
The trees store the carbon, thereby removing it from the atmosphere and offsetting the pollution.

What is the process?
As an example lets imagine a flight.

  • For each flight, the distance and the number of kilograms of carbon emitted by the journey by the passenger are calculated.
  • The carbon dioxide emission calculator is based on emission factors provided by U.K’s DEFRA for short and long haul flights. The calculations used are based on data from the U.K. Assumptions: the aircraft is fully occumpied.
  • 1 tree can store 734 kg of carbon dioxide.
  • 1 tree costs £8.50, the necessary amount needed for the offset is added to the price of the customer’s ticket.
  • The customer receives a personalised Offset Certificate and the satisfaction they know they are fighting climate.