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Not Been Before Holidays | Luxury Holidays & Adventure Travel in Asia | Himalayan Footsteps®

First time to the region?

We can help the first time traveller to Nepal, Himalayas and surrounding countries in Asia, so you can explore with confidence. Contact us


Himalayan Footsteps® is a reliable and experienced travel company for The Himalayas & Asia and delivers tailor-made holidays in the top spots in many destinations. You can join in with our professional expert team who are very dedicated to providing a friendly service.

With us, you can find something different and new for your next exciting holiday. You may have never been before to our pleasantly faraway destinations, that’s why we’re here, we’ll take the seemingly Himalayan task of long-haul travel and make it easy so that you can experience these enchanting lands. Here are some of Asia’s rarest tourist spots, if you have something specific in mind, you can share your thoughts with us too, be inspired by our holiday types.

Tarim Poplar Forest Natural Reserve is situated in Xinjiang, China. The world’s largest inland basin (53 million hectares), Tarim Basin is located here and surrounded by more than 60 species of trees, which give an awesome look when their leaves change colour with the seasons, green, golden, and dark yellow.

Southern Inle Lake in Myanmar is a rare tourist spot where you can get an outstanding boat touring experience. You need to find a professional boatman who is willing to take you and can travel as far south as you would like to go!

HohXil in Tibet is the world’s third smallest inhabited area. You can explore twenty-one endangered species of wildlife such as antelope, yak, wild donkeys and many amazing views here.

Do you know? We only create tailor-made South Asia holidays along with trekking & climbing the Himalayas, and this we understand isn't necessarily the best choice for everyone's holiday. Still, if you feel we are the best option for you we're ready to help with your travel plans.