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New Paragliding Spot in Nepal - Himalayan Footsteps

So far Pokhara provided the only paragliding spot in Nepal. Now a new venue offers paragliding in Godavari, near Kathmandu.

The flights take off at 2,100 metres, which is 700 metres higher than the flights at Pokhara, and can ascend up to 4000 metres. Height and landing facilities are the main attractions of this venue. The flights take off and land at the same place. Wind pressures in the area are fabourable to paragliding and the views of the Himalaya and lush, green jungles are spectacular.

Provided the weather conditions are suitable about 20 flights per day can be conducted in this spot. Have you ever thought about paragliding in Nepal? If you’re interested in paragliding, kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, mountainbiking, climbing or looking for any other sports in Nepal contact us!