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Never Give Up! - Himalayan Footsteps

A survivor of the mountaineering disaster at Mount Everest in 1996 returned to the peak a second time. Professional climber Neal Beidleman, 51, reached the peak on Friday morning in good weather conditions.

In 1996 when he was just descending from the summit a huge storm came up, catching two teams in the high regions of the mountain. Eight people were killed and several disfigured by frostbite in this disaster, which is recorded as one of the worst in mountaineering history. It was chronicled in the book “Into Thin Air”.

Beidleman went back to the mountain to close a chapter, as he says, he had not been able to stop thinking about the expedition. He also wanted to find the resting place of one of the victims of 1996, a close friend of his, and pay his respects. “This year there was tonnes of snows and we were not able to actually see his body and the memorial. But we knew where it was. I stopped and paid my respects.” he said in an interview after the ascent. “We were passing places where my friends died… So as you go up the mountain, it takes a long time, and you have a lot of time to reflect on these places” .

Source: Nepal Mountain News and ekantipur