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Nepali New Year - Himalayan Footsteps

We are already past the first quarter of this year, so time to have a look at what happened to your New Year’s resolutions. In case you have alreadydropped them all, here’s another chance for you: On 13. April it is Nepali New Year!

Celebrate with us and the Nepal Scotland Association! From 5pm until Midnight the Masonic Hall in Leith will be turned into a piece of Nepal. There will be cultural programmes, dancing and a buffet. Tickets are available for £15 (£13 for students) at the door. Also check our Facebook event for latest updates!

Nepal uses the Lunar Calendar and therefore celebrates its new year around the second week of April. This year the date is 13. April and will mark the beginning of the year 2068. This day is called Navavarsha in Nepali and the entire country of Nepal rejoices with social activities and colourful ornaments as they welcome the New Year.

For some people religion is at the centre of the New Year celebrations. Early in the morning on New Year’s day Nepalese people will go to the temples to pray and worship and offer Puja to their gods. Then they will circumambulate the temple in clockwise direction, while ringing bells.

Main part of the celebrations, however, is socializing. People will go for picnics with their friends and family, enjoy the day and celebrate. We at Himalayan Footsteps hope you will do the same and, no matter if you are going to celebrate it as a New Year or not, have a great day!