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Nepal - Land of the Brave - Himalayan Footsteps

A 31 year old Gurkha serving in the British Army received Britain’s second highest medal for bravery after saving the lives of at least three of his comrades in Afghanistan:

He was on sentry duty at a checkpoint near Babaji, when he spottet insurgents trying to plant a bomb beside the front gate. Moments later rebels opened fire on the compound from all sides. Sgt. Pun was alone on the roof and for more than quarter of an hour he fought off the onslaught. As his rifle failed at one point he resorted to throwing his machine gun tripod to knock an insurgent trying to climb up to the roof down. All in all he single-handedly fought off at least 12 Taliban that night, saving the lives of several comrades who were in the camp at that point. At the moment of fight Sgt. Pun did not hope to survive, but gave his best tp defend the checkpoint.

Originally from Bima in Nepal, Dipprasad Pun’s father and grandfather were Gurkhas serving in the British Army, too. The brave Gurkha soldiers have been an important part of the British Army for almost 200 years. Since then they have fought loyally for the British all over the world and earned a total of 13 Victoria Crossses. The selection process to become member of the Gurkha Brigade is one of the toughest in the world.

What country is it, that produces these brave, tough and disciplined men who dedicate their fight to friends and family rather than their officers? It is Nepal, with the high mountains, the ever-changing landscape, with loving, family oriented people who cherish their traditions. Come to Nepal to see a landscape that tells legends of these men! Meet the culture and find out what makes live in Nepal so special! Contact us for more information.