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Meeting Nepal’s Ambassador - Himalayan Footsteps

Last Friday Himalayan Footsteps’ Managing Director, Olly, Operations Manager, Sakila, and PR Consultant,  James, were invited to a meeting with His Excellency Dr. Suresh C. Chalise, Nepal’s Ambassador to the UK.

We were honoured by the invitation and put our glad rags on for this great opportunity to build relations with the Embassy and discuss with members of Nepal’s Government their strategy for Visit Nepal 2011.

If you don’t know what Visit Nepal 2011 is, well briefly it reflects the government’s anticipation to bring into Nepal at least one million international tourists by the year 2011 and the tourism industry’s exigency to organize a tourism promotion campaign for wider impact.

Himalayan Footsteps is an integral part of helping the Nepal Government reach it’s goals, the last joined up approach to focus tourism was back in 1998 and it was very successful, it’s about time we did it again.

We met in Edinburgh’s Botanic Garden’s new West Gate building, a truly beautiful space with a fantastic  restaurant called the Gateway, I recommend a visit if you’ve never been.

Our meeting went well, It was a shame Isha,  my Nepali wife, couldn’t get time off work to join us but I was very excited for both of us. The Ambassador and I disscussed in more detail what messages need to be heard from the Nepal Government and what outcomes they expect from this campaign.

It was also great to see at the meeting other members of the Nepalese community and representatives of the NSA (Nepal Scotland Association).

We are confident that we can make next year a success for the Nepalese economy with the Visit Nepal initiative.

Written by Olly Margry.