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Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines - Himalayan Footsteps

Ever dreamed of escaping traffic jams, fly over congested roads and just happily wave at everyone down there? Well, your dream could come true!

A.K. Vishwanath from Bangalore spent the last 16 years developing a flying car. It has rotating blades on the corners of the roof and a vacuum section around the tyres to let it soar up into the air vertically. The car he used for it is a Suzuki Maruti 800, the car that has been moving India since the 1980 and was the first small car available for private persons.

Up to date however the car has never flown and Vishwanath is keeping his secret about its inner life. He says, however, prior to building the technique he had studied 2.5 million shapes and objects linked to automobiles and drew inspiration from many sources, like the flight of bumble bees. “My invention is backed by complex mathematics and I have already tried a scaled-down version in a wind tunnel which I built myself,” he said.