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Jungle in the City - Himalayan Footsteps

From 16 August first the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, from 6 September the whole of Edinburgh will turn into a jungle teeming with wild creatures from Asia. In Scotland’s largest outdoor art event 130 life sized sculptures of endangered animals will be placed all around the city to raise money for the species’ survival.

Go on safari in the middle of the capital to discover them all – unlike their living cousins you can get really close to these ones and have your picture taken with them. There will be audio guides for the event, featuring, amongst others, the voice of Geri Halliwell.

Today one fifth of the world’s birds and animals and a third of the world’s amphibians are facing extinction within our lifetime. One of the greatest threats they face is rapid loss of habitat. What were once large, wild spaces are now small and isolated patches of forest. This is disastrous for large animals, such as the endangered Asian elephant who become trapped in areas too small to support them.

In response to this urgent situation Jungle City was born. Led by a herd of Asian elephants, this creative, high-profile event will travel the world, raising millions for the endangered Asian elephant and all the other animals who share its habitat including tigers, hornbills, orang-utans and crocodiles.

For more information see www.jungle-city.org. We’d love to see your snapshots with the animals – why not share them here, on Twitter or our Facebook page?