How to prepare for trekking in Nepal?

We are specialists in Nepal trekking, our expert, hand picked trekking guides from Nepal, sometimes called Sherpas, will guide you safely through your trek, they will also entertain and inform.

Preparation starts before you even travel to Nepal, the fitter you are the more you will enjoy yourself, take your time selecting the gear you will need, have a look at our Clothing and Equipment guide for more information.

However, once in Nepal we don’t expect you to know everything so, before your trek starts we provide a Pre Trekking Briefing.

The pre trekking briefing

One of our trekking guides will meet you at your hotel for a pre trekking briefing that can be about an hour long depending on how many questions you have. We like to organise these briefings in an informal and friendly environment.

1. Greetings

Our trekking guide gives Namaste, the greetings to guests, offering tea, coffee or a cold drink. He will tell you about his experience, how long he has been in this field, and ask about your trekking experience.

2. Gear selection

Depending upon the trek our guide will find out if you have the correct clothing and footwear and all the relevant personal effects for the trek. Raincoats are must. Ensure you have sunglasses, hat, lip salve, sun cream etc.

3. Culture

Our guide briefs you on some stories about the country, people, landscape, history, and environmental considerations.

4. Food and accommodation

During trekking: Our guide briefs about what kind of food will be provided. Most kinds of food are available on the menu of the tea houses but the real difficulty of variety is up in the mountains. Therefore our guide will explain about Nepalese authentic, local food like Daal bhat, tarkari, soups, etc. But it will be your choice.

Accommodation: Most trekking routes have similar lodges, called tea houses. Our guide will provide information on normal and best available lodges. There are some lodges which we don’t recommend as they are run by huge trekking companies in Nepal and mostly packed by groups of their own.

How To Prepare For Trekking In Nepal

5. Trekking track

Our guide will show you the map of your trekking route and provide day by day information’s like how many hours each day trekking and advise of the appropriate food stops, toilet stops, ups and downs, safety issues of note e.g. drops/scrambles/roping etc.

6. Health and medical / Safety and security

Our guide will brief you about how to take precautions if sickness or high altitude symptoms appear. Our guides have been trained and they know the importance of your health and safety. Your guide will have daily conversation with you about your condition. A first aid kit is always with your guide and they are trained. You will be asked to share any medical problems with your guide.

7. Travel insurance

Our guide will brief you about what we do in case of an emergency rescue where you will be evacuated by fastest means possible which could be horse, ambulance, or helicopter to bring you to the nearest hospital. Mostly in the mountains we need a helicopter rescue and in such case the guest must have an insurance that covers 5000 to 10000 USD dollars.

8. Financial and other relevant information

Our guide will explain how much extra money you should carry, e.g. one bottle of mineral water costs  75 rupees to 100, battery charging 100 rupees, wifi, beer, cold drinks etc. So our guides suggest to carry up to USD 20 per person a day for extra costs.

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