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Himalayan Nations to Collaborate Facing Climate Change - Himalayan Footsteps

As we reported last week, leaders of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan met in Thimphu last weekend to talk about the challenges of climate change the Himalayan nations are facing. Outcome of the meeting was an agreement to collaborate and help each other adapting to climate change. 

For a long time, regional tensions prevented a cooperation between the Himalayan countries and limited research in the world’s largest glaciers outside of the polar regions. The climate summit was a big step forward in collaboration of the countries in the Eastern Himalayas.

Cooperation will be in energy, water, food and biodiversity issues. In a press statement Bhutan’s Prime Minister  Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y. Thinley said: “The success of our initiative will not only have direct and immediate benefits for our own people, but we could be setting a worthy precedent for other countries that share similar conditions.”

The four nations agreed to increase access to affordable and reliable clean energy resources and technology. They also promised to work together on ecosystem and disaster management, as well as sharing knowledge in water use efficiency. The talks about water security were the most contentious part of the conference, according to a WWF release. Collaboration will further extend to food security and securing livelihoods, giving vulnerable communities better access to nutritious food and improving food production.