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Heritage Hotel to Celebrate 50 Years - Himalayan Footsteps

Kathmandu boasts some fine heritage hotels, preserving old houses of traditional Newari architecture. One of the first of them was the Kathmandu Guest House in Thamel, it has been preserving Kathmandu valley’s cultural heritage for half a century. Newari architecture has left plenty of traces in the Guest House and its rich history is evident. To mark its 50th anniversary sections of the Guest House will be transformed into an art gallery.

The gallery will display replicas of exclusive pieces of art. The originals are visible in the National Museum in Chhauni, but are in utterly “bad state”, so aim of the exhibition is to promote the almost lost history and culture of Nepal to travellers in a mroe presentable manner, to generate living heritage and create a new vision in the hotel commerce. It is hoped the displayed sculptures will act as stimulants for tourists and locals to go and see the originals in the museum.

The gallery is not only meant to get tourists curious about Nepali culture, but also for locals, who have yet to develop deeper awareness and understanding of their history. Sculptures displayed will be dating back to as far as 8th century and tell about the history of Nepali Gods, the postures and symbolism that is still present in today’s Nepali culture. Visitors can learn the intriguing stories behind the remarkable sculptures.

Whether you want to stay in the Kathmandu Guest House or one of the other charming hotels and guest houses in Kathmandu to explore the city’s vibrant culture – contact us! Have you ever stayed in Kathmandu Guest House? We would love to hear your comments!