Let’s go to Tibet, the roof of the world, a country of harsh climate that has been secluded and with little contact to the outside world for a long time – curious to know what food developed in this environment?

Few crops are able to grow in the high altitudes of Tibet’s plains, the most important of them is barley. Flour from roasted barley is called “Tsampa” and the staple food of Tibet. It is put in a bowl with some salted butter tea, mixed up to form a dough, and eaten like this. Sometimes it is baked to a bread that is eaten for breakfast and lunch. Another main dish is a noodle dish with vegetables and meat in broth.

Meat plays a big role in Tibetan food, most meat consumed is yak, goat and mutton. It is either dried or cooked in a stew. Generally more meat is consumed in higher altitudes, as in lower regions a variety of vegetables can be grown.

The best known food from Tibet must be momos. These dumplings are filled with meat or vegetables and steamed, they are a favourite snack not only in Tibet, but also the neighbouring countries. Yak yoghurt and other dairy products are very popular in Tibet.

The most popular drink in Tibet is Yak butter tea. Tibetans always put salt instead of sugar in their tea and a large lump of butter.

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