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Food of Bhutan - Himalayan Footsteps

Bhutanese cuisine is simple but delicious. Most food is prepared by boiling it in little water with a dash of oil. Traditional dishes do rarely use spices apart from salt and chilli – only the latter is more used like a staple food than a spice. Indeed a popular side dish are raw chillies dipped in salt. All dishes are accompanied by rice, usually the nutty tasting red rice that grows at high altitudes. In the strictly Buddhist kingdom meat and fish are on the menu but are usually imported from India.

Often referred to as a Himalayan Switzerland, Bhutan does not only resemble this country in geographic features but the Bhutanese people do also share a love of cheese, made from cow’s or yak’s milk. The most popular dish in the country is “Ema Datschi”, sliced chillies, some feta-like cheese, onion, tomato, garlic and butter all boiled in water and served with rice.

Momos, filled dumplings, are a favourite snack in the country. Soups and stews are loved during the cold season, they are prepared with meat, rice, dried vegetables and – of course – chilli. The country has an abundance of apple orchards and produces more than four hundred varieties of mushroom. For desserts, you will most likely encounter watermelons, which are ubiquitous in the country.