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First Open Evening - A Huge Success! - Himalayan Footsteps

On Thursday was the day we had all been so excited about – our first open evening. Would our guests turn up? Would everything work out as planned? Would we remember to bring all the equipment we’ll need? Olly and Isha spent the morning in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and preparing them for our cookery class. In the evening we went to the Everest Restaurant, to prepare the room and make sure we had everything we needed.

At 7.20 the first attendants arrived and we greeted them with a taster of the Nepalese Khukuri beer. For some of our guests this evoked memories of their previous Nepal tours, and soon everyone was chatting away, telling about their experiences (those who had already been to the Himalayas) or asking eager questions (those who only dreamt of going so far).

When everyone had arrived, Olly started the evening with explaining characteristics of Nepali food culture, which we have captured for everyone in a video, so don’t forget to check our YouTube channel, we will upload it shortly! He then went on to explain the basic ingredients of Nepali cookery, and everyone could see, feel, smell and taste the different spices, oils, rice and lentil varieties.

Now we had got everyone hungry, and the class continued with Isha showing how traditional momos are made – you can see her easy instructions on this video. Then the moment came, when everyone could hands-on create their own momos! For this we provided ready made and cut dough, which everyone could fill with a combination of veg of their choice. As all of them were steamed together, everyone had to mark their own momos, so we could recognize them afterwards. This resulted in unique creations, that probably haven’t been encountered in any Nepali village so far: from mountain-shaped to sandwich-style momos, or topped with carrots or spices.

After just 15 minutes the momos were steamed and ready to eat – apart from occasional over-excitement with spices (HOT!) they tasted absolutely fantastic.

Hear what our guests thought of the evening:

“Loved it – very well thought out. Loved the history + culture explanation. Thank you!”

“Wonderful idea. Lovely hospitality. God bless you all!”

“Really, really enjoyed it. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Hands-on aspect was very good.”

“Really enjoyed it. Everyone is very friendly, and it is all very interesting.”

“I really like how they explain everything. It was very joyfull and very interesting. I like making the little dolls.”

“Fabulous fun. Thank you so much. All calm, peaceful + wholesome.”

“Really enjoyed it. Was great to see the parallels between Pakistani + Nepalese food. It was fun making the momos. Olly + Isha were great! Thank you.”

“Good lighthearted fun, enjoyed making momos, you can’t improve on perfection.”

“It was a wonderful experience. The event brought back my memories from past. Olly and Isha were great and we were taught in an easy but effective way.”

“It was great to feel, smell and touch the different spices in a relaxed and fun environment. Thank you very much. Now I know what a momo is!”

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