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Facelift for Monuments - Himalayan Footsteps

If you want to see Nepal’s fantastic monuments in new splendour, next year might be the time to go!

The Department of Archaeology is set to renovate 57 monuments, historical sites and temples this year. The Department is responsible for conserving heritage sites which are older than 100 years. Currently it is being established what costs the works on each heritage site will amount to and possibly eligible sites across the country are visited. The Department is in the final stages of publishing the list of heritages that are going to be renovated, a final number is yet to come.

Rs 28.1 million were allocated for renovation of historical sites and Rs 16.5 million for conservation of world heritage

Among the 57 heritages being renovated this year, 40 are temples, 14 regional and national museums and three world heritage sites. Among the sites to be renovated are  Taxar Mahadev of Bhojpur, Falate Devisthan of Dhankuta, Lele Pashupati of Lalitpur, Narayan Mahadev Temple of Kavre, Parashu Rameshwor Temple of Arghakhachi, Kanak Sundari of Jumla, Bala Tripura Sundari of Dolpa and Manthurya of Dang.