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Tsetang holidays and tours in Tibet


In previous times, Tsetang was the capital of Yarlung Valley, the ‘Valley of the Kings’ and held great importance. The Tibetan quarter of the city contains some small monasteries that are worth a visit.

The main reason to visit Tsetang, however, is to take an excursion to Yarlung Valley from there. The ‘Cradle of Tibetan civilisation’ is also known as Valley of Tombs, for it consists of massive burial mounds dating back to as far as 7th century. Perched on a crag of the valley like an medieval castle you can find Yumbulakhang, the oldest building in Tibet – although in a restored version from 1982. The original building dates back as far as 247 – 127BC, when the first king of Tibet came here with his followers.

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